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Dier Hejlah and alzor PV staion

Dier Hejlah and alzor PV staion on-grid project is the biggest PV station in palestine with capacity of 1.6 MWp located on a 20-hectare site in Jericho, Palestine, a turnkey EPC contract was signed with JDECO to design, build and operate the plant, the construction lasted for 4 months, Trina frameless modules were used for panels and Kaco Blueplanet 50 KVA for inverters, Msader also signed O&M contract for 20 years to the planet.


Dead Sea PV Planet

Size: 708 KWp Location: Jericho Funded by: Future for Palestine Organisation Date: April 2014

Dier Hejlah and alzor PV staion

Size:1.6 MWp Location: Jericho, Palestine Funded by: JDECO Date: Jan 2017